Cover of the FY23 NPCR report

The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) is pleased to submit Prevent, Counter, and Respond—A Strategic Plan to Reduce Global Nuclear Threats (FY 2023–FY 2027). This report, along with the DOE/NNSA Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan, outlines DOE/NNSA planning and programmatic activities to provide comprehensive nuclear security solutions that protect the American people, our allies, and our partners in a dynamic world. As outlined in the 2022 National Security Strategy, the United States is committed to addressing the “existential threat of nuclear weapons” working “shoulder-to-shoulder” with our partners and allies. In a September 2021 speech to the United Nations General Assembly, President Biden heralded a “new era of relentless diplomacy,” noting “the United States is ready to work with any nation that steps up and pursues peaceful resolution to shared challenges…to address urgent threats like COVID-19 and climate change or enduring threats like nuclear proliferation.”

Through our Innovate, Collaborate, and Deliver approach and as articulated in the NNSA Strategic Vision and its four mission priorities, DOE/NNSA works to forge solutions that enable global security and stability as well as maintain the country’s nuclear deterrence, provide nuclear propulsion, and leverage transformative technologies to address emerging challenges. DOE/NNSA uses an integrated strategy to prevent, counter, and respond to nuclear threats; and draws on its strong technical and policy expertise to accelerate its efforts to strengthen nonproliferation and enhance nuclear and radiological security worldwide expanding on our existing partnerships with more than 100 agencies and 100 countries.

These combined efforts to mitigate global nuclear threats are paramount to strengthening U.S. national security while also supporting U.S. efforts to address climate change. President Biden has outlined a plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 by advancing cutting-edge clean energy technologies and building an equitable clean energy future. Nuclear energy is central to achieving these clean energy goals, and DOE/NNSA is dedicated to promoting the safe, secure, and peaceful expansion of nuclear energy worldwide while adhering to the highest nonproliferation and nuclear security standards.

DOE/NNSA works in close collaboration with its national laboratories, plants, and sites as well as with other federal agencies to anticipate tomorrow’s nuclear and national security challenges and deliver timely, innovative solutions. In an era of rapidly evolving global threats and a changing technological landscape, DOE/NNSA focuses on investing in a world-class workforce, robust infrastructure, and cutting-edge technological solutions to address current and future challenges. DOE/NNSA’s most important asset is its people, and we place the highest priority on recruiting and retaining a world-class workforce.

This report will outline NNSA’s cross-cutting capabilities for carrying out its mission to protect the Nation, our allies, and our partners by providing a resilient and responsive Nuclear Security Enterprise.