Mike Goulding
Mike Goulding

Meet Mike Goulding, a Navy veteran serving as the Cyber Operations Deputy Director and overseeing operations related to network security, which enables NNSA to execute its mission.

What is your academic background?

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from University of Maryland, University College. I earned my master’s degree in Project Management with from Boston University. I also hold a certification in Strategy and Performance Management.

What is your job here at NNSA? How does it align to our mission?

I support the NNSA Office of Cyber Operations to achieve the integrated application of NNSA or U.S. Government cyberspace capabilities and processes to increase our ability to detect, analyze, and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities.  Our goal is to outmaneuver adversaries in order to defend our networks, protect the critical mission, and secure information sharing with key U.S. and allied partners.

I work within the Cyber Operations department of NNSA to develop policies and procedures to improve the monitoring and defending of critical networks in order to protect them from our nation’s adversaries.

What is the best part of your job?

So far, the best part of my job has been meeting the people who are dedicated to supporting the NNSA cybersecurity mission. Employees within our organization are committed to fighting against cyber threats and protecting intellectual data from our adversaries.

Is there something you’ve learned here that you didn’t know before?

NNSA affords me the opportunity to learn new information each day. It is a privilege to be a part of an organization where new ideas are welcomed and collaboration and teamwork is encouraged.

Tell us a little about yourself – a fun fact about yourself or a personal hobby.

I hold two national coaching licenses with U.S. Soccer to coach youth soccer. I have been coaching my three daughters over the past 15 years.