ZEV fleet
Electric vehicle charging station at the John A. Gordon Complex in Albuquerque, NM

NNSA is going from 0 to 60 towards full electrification of the government fleet by 2035. The first step towards this ambitious goal is ensuring all light duty vehicle acquisitions are 100% zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) by 2027. Of the 401 light duty vehicles NNSA replaced this year, NNSA sites chose the ZEV option for 232 of those replacements. Limiting factors in replacing light duty vehicles with ZEVs continue to be the availability of ZEV options and mission driven vehicle requirements.   

NNSA’s commitment to ZEVs depends on electric vehicle infrastructure to charge the vehicles. This year, NNSA plans to install two dual port, pedestal charging stations and purchase 33 dual port, portable solar charging stations. In addition, the new John A. Gordon Albuquerque Complex installed 16 ZEV charging stations. 

NNSA is on a path to making zero-emission vehicles a standard way of doing business. In recognition of their outstanding leadership and significant contributions to greening DOE’s fleet, three NNSA sites — Y-12, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) — were recognized with DOE Green Fleet Awards by the DOE Office of Management earlier this month. The $1.2 million awarded to Y-12 ($200,000), LANL ($500,000), and LLNL ($500,000) will be used to order additional ZEVs or to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  

Meeting our nation’s commitment to green NNSA’s fleet is a team effort. NNSA also obtained the support of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to help NNSA continue to advance its fleet electrification objectives.