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Applications now open for technical experts from NNSA and DOE labs, plants, and sites to join exciting new technology transfer opportunity

Join us on March 30th for the launch of DOE’s Emerging Tech Studio. Kicking off the beginning of the recruitment period for lab experts and entrepreneurs,  this launch event hosted by FedTech is ideal for those interested in bringing novel technologies to the market and launching their own ventures.

The vast talent across NNSA’s workforce has always been a critical source of innovation – bolstered by federally-funded research and facilities, technical experts have made the impossible possible through technology transfer. Many technologies developed at the NNSA labs have become everyday essentials , like the radar on your car that lets you know if you are approaching another bumper. FedTech is a deep technology innovation platform that enables such tech transfer breakthroughs by pairing existing, cutting-edge technologies with aspiring entrepreneurs.  Using this model, the DOE Emerging Tech Studio reduces barriers to entry in entrepreneurship and allows for new and diverse voices to shape the future of technology leadership.

This partnership with FedTech aims to move technology from the DOE and NNSA laboratory network to the marketplace and to ensure groundbreaking scientific discoveries achieve their maximum public return and impact, advancing the economic, energy, and national security interests of the United States. To date, the partnership has resulted in the creation of 12 new ventures around NNSA and DOE lab technologies, across 11 NNSA and DOE labs.

Teams will include at least one inventor and three to four entrepreneurs sourced by FedTech. Eight technologies will be sourced for the upcoming cohort from the nation’s leading labs, including:

  • 6 technologies from NNSA labs and sites.
  • 2 technologies from DOE Energy I-corps/satellite program graduates.

Don’t miss this interactive session on March 30th to learn more about how you can launch a technology-focused venture by leveraging DOE/NNSA’s extensive portfolio of intellectual property across their national laboratories. Register here!

Event agenda:

  • 2:00 - 2:15 PM: Welcome Remarks
    • Welcome Message by Jill Hruby, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration.
    • Welcome and Introduction, Dr. Frazier, Assistant Deputy Administrator for Strategic Partnership Programs, NNSA.
    • Welcome and Introduction by Marcos Gonzales Harsha, Principal Deputy Director, DOE Office of Technology Transitions.
  • 2:15 - 2:35 PM: Discussion with Dr. Frazier and Marcos Gonzales Harsha
  • 2:35 - 2:55 PM: Alumni Spotlight: An Entrepreneur’s Journey with the DOE/NNSA
  • 2:55 - 3:00 PM: Close