The table below provides links to various types of document and notices related to the NEPA process. An NCO or document manager may use this table to find examples that could help them prepare similar documents and notices for ongoing NEPA reviews.

The table does not include notices of intent, findings of no significant impact, records of decision, or NEPA documents. Those are listed separately in the NEPA Documents section of this website.

Notices can be filtered by type and year using the checkboxes. The table can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the arrows in the “Document Number,” “Notice Type,” “Year,” or “Location” columns. The search block can be used to search for keywords that may be in the titles and project descriptions. 

APRIL 6, 2021 NOTE: This table is not working as intended. Specifically, the sort by “Notice Type” and links are not working. While we fix the problem, here are links to the most recently issued documents and notices.

Floodplain and Wetland Assessment for the Site 300 Entrance/Exit Corral Hollow Road Widening Project Adjacent to the LLNL Experimental Test Site; San Joaquin County, California

Floodplain Statement of Findings for Fire Risk Mitigations at the Lower Slobbovia Explosives Testing Site in Technical Area 36 at Los Alamos National Laboratory; Los Alamos County, New Mexico

Los Alamos National Laboratory Floodplain Assessment for the West Road Maintenance Project; Los Alamos County, NM

Other Notices

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