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The Federal Highway Administration and the South Dakota Department of Transportation issued an EA (September 2014) and FONSI (January 2015) for the proposed construction of an arterial roadway around the northeastern edge of the City of Sioux Falls. In August 2016, these agencies reevaluated the proposal to consider the potential impacts of design changes incorporated into the proposed alternative; examine social, economic, and environmental conditions that may have changed; and incorporate DOE’s Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) as a cooperating agency. These documents are available at

WAPA’s proposed action is to relocate up to twelve wooden transmission poles, including two poles which would be moved outside of WAPA’s existing right-of way corridor; to grant temporary easements and outgrants to South Dakota Department of Transportation to accommodate the project; and to modify a substation septic system, access driveway, and drainage system to accommodate the East Side Corridor roadway.