This EA evaluates the potential environmental impacts for the proposed lease of 957.16 acres of the Oak Ridge Reservation to the East Tennessee Economic Council.  ETEC proposes to develop an industrial park on the leased site to provide employment opportunities for DOE and contractor employees affected by decreased federal funding.

NOTE: DOE/EA-1936 was cancelled.  It would have evaluated the environmental impacts of DOE’s proposed modifications to the allowable land uses, utility infrastructure, and Natural Area management responsibility for Parcel ED-1. The purpose of the modifications would have been to enhance the development potential of the Horizon Center business/industrial park, while ensuring protection of the adjacent Natural Area. The area that was to have addressed by the DOE/EA-1936's proposed action was evaluated for various industrial/business uses in the Environmental Assessment Addendum for the Proposed Title Transfer of Parcel ED-1, DOE/EA-1113 (Addendum).