DOE/EIS-0512: Alaska LNG Project; Alaska

Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced its intent to prepare an EIS that assesses the potential environmental impacts of a proposal to develop, construct, and operate facilities that would commercialize the natural gas resources on Alaska’s North Slope. The proposed Alaska LNG Project would include a gas treatment plant, more than 800 miles of natural gas pipeline, liquefaction and storage facilities, an LNG export (marine) terminal, and associated infrastructure and facilities.

DOE is a cooperating agency in preparing the EIS. DOE, Office of Fossil Energy, has an obligation under Section 3 of the Natural Gas Act to authorize the import and export of natural gas, including LNG, unless it finds that the import or export is not consistent with the public interest. (DOE's participation as a cooperating agency and assignment of a document number are not a commitment that DOE will adopt or supplement the EIS.)

Additional documents on this project can be obtained from the FERC eLibrary ( by a “General Search” using docket number CP17-178. The Draft EIS is available on FERC's website. To view DOE's Office of Fossil Energy e-Docket for this project, please see the docket index.

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