DOE selected NuScale Power in FY 2014 under an SMR funding opportunity announcement that sought innovative and effective solutions for enhanced safety, operations and performance beyond designs currently certified by the NRC. The NuScale SMR design offers an impressive mix of safety, scalability, transportability, and economics, as well as an advanced state of design maturity that should achieve commercial operation in the 2025 timeframe.

DOE continues to work with NuScale within our cooperative agreement to advance the design and licensing with the ultimate project goal of commercialization.

Key project accomplishments include the following:

  • Complete the preliminary design
  • Execute testing programs in support of design development and NRC review requirements
  • Submit design certification application
  • Complete reactor module final design

The project will conclude sometime in FY2018 as DOE and NuScale reach our mutual technical goals. The Department is confident the momentum gained because of the accelerated investment will continue to allow NuScale to carry on toward commercialization.

Key NuScale SMR Information:

  • Vendor: NuScale Power LLC / Fluor
  • Size: 50 MWe / Nominal 12-pack
  • Fuel Type: Standard Enriched Uranium Coolant: Light Water
  • Status: The NuScale design is an integral pressurized water reactor where the reactor and steam generator would be located in a single integrated reactor vessel located in an underground containment facility that would also store used fuel. Currently, NuScale Power is partnered with Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) to consider siting a NuScale SMR plant at the Idaho National Laboratory. UAMPS is conducting a number of business analyses to reach a decision to proceed to licensing activities.

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