May 4, 2021

DOE Report Highlights Faster Approach to Demonstrating Advanced Reactors

New analysis by PNNL and NRIC could cut more than a year off of the environmental review process—potentially saving millions.

April 6, 2021

World’s Only TRIGA Fuel Fabrication Facility Completes Major Upgrades

TRIGA International, the world's only supplier of TRIGA fuel, completes 7-year renovation project with support from U.S. Department of Energy.

March 3, 2021

BWXT and ORNL Demonstrate New 3D Printing Process for High Temperature Materials

National lab and BWX Technologies develop a new way to manufacture and qualify parts and materials for high-temperature reactor applications.

February 17, 2021

Idaho National Lab Starts Second Plutonium Target Campaign for NASA Space Missions

DOE is scaling up the production of plutonium-238 heat source material to help meet future goals set by NASA.