WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Energy today announced the appointment of eleven nuclear science, business, academic, and industry leaders to the Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee (NEAC). The new members are joining a revised and refocused NEAC, which falls under the Office of Nuclear Energy (NE).  

NEAC was established in 1998 and meets biannually to advise the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy on several issues, including: 

  • National policy and scientific aspects of nuclear issues of concern to DOE, 
  • Periodic reviews of the various program elements within DOE’s nuclear programs and recommendations based thereon, 
  • The needs, views, and priorities of partners of DOE’s nuclear programs, and long-range plans, priorities, and strategies to address more effectively the technical, financial, and policy aspects of such programs, 
  • And appropriate levels of resources to develop those plans, priorities, and strategies. 

DOE recognizes NEAC’s critical role in providing independent advice in helping plan, manage, and implement its nuclear energy program. It has identified the need to revise the existing structure to streamline and focus NEAC into a proactive and agile group of energy experts who can advise on current priorities rather than reviewing projects and initiatives that have already been completed. 

“A change in the structure and focus in NEAC will help DOE act more quickly and effectively to research advances in nuclear power to meet the nation's energy, environmental, and national security needs,” said Andy Griffith, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Supply Chain. “The past members of NEAC provided contributions that led to significant advances in nuclear energy, and we are looking forward to working with this new team.”  

Per NEAC’s charter, members are experts in their respective fields and are appointed as special representatives of entities such as research facilities, academic and policy-centered institutions, and industry organizations. 

The new members of NEAC are: 

  • International Perspective - Bill Magwood (Chair)  
  • Tribal Perspective - Richard Arnold  
  • Used Nuclear Fuel Perspective - Lake H. Barrett  
  • Utility Distribution Perspective - Frederick S. Bresler III  
  • Engineering, Public Policy and National Security Perspective - Dr. Michael Ford  
  • Engineering and National Security Perspective - Dr. J’Tia Hart  
  • Private Investment and Financial Perspective - Edward Kee  
  • Industry Perspective - Maria Korsnick  
  • Advanced Reactor R&D Perspective - Kemal Pasamehmetoglu  
  • University Perspective - Dr. Raluca Scarlat  
  • Social Studies of Science and Technology Perspective - Dr. Sonja Schmid  

NEAC meetings are open to the public. Learn more about NEAC, its role in advancing nuclear energy, and the new membership here.  


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