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The Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee (NEAC), formerly the Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee (NERAC), was established on October 1, 1998, to provide independent advice to the Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) on complex science and technical issues that arise in the planning, managing, and implementation of DOE's nuclear energy program.

NEAC periodically reviews the elements of the NE program and based on these reviews provides advice and recommendations on the program’s long-range plans, priorities, and strategies to effectively address the scientific and engineering aspects of the research and development efforts. In addition, the committee provides advice on national policy and scientific aspects of nuclear energy research issues as requested by the Secretary of Energy or the Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy.

The committee includes representatives from universities, industry, foreign nationals, and national laboratories. Particular attention was paid to obtaining a diverse membership with a balance of disciplines, interests, experiences, points of view, and geography. NEAC operates in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) (Public Law 92-463), 92nd Congress, H.R. 4383' October 6, 1972) and all applicable FACA Amendments, Federal Regulations and Executive Orders.

New NEAC Members Appointed
The U.S. Department of Energy appoints new members to the Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee.
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Dr. Richard Meserve

Dr. Joy Rempe

Dr. Regis A. Matzie
International Subcommittee Chair

Dr. Alfred P. Sattelberger
Nuclear Technology Research and Development Subcommittee Chair

Mr. Eric J. Anderson

Mr. John Bear

Mr. David Blee

Dr. Matthew Bunn

Ms. Lisa Marie Cheney

Ms. Caroline Cochran

Dr. Dana Christensen

Mr. Ralph DiSibio

Mr. Jay Faison

Mr. John Hopkins

Dr. Sue Ion

Dr. Seungjin Kim

Dr. Karen Kirkland

Ms. Maria Korsnick

Mr. Stephen Kuczynski

Dr. Peter Lyons

Mr. Sean McGarvey

Dr. Carl Paperiello

Dr. Burton Richter

Mr. Ray Rothrock

Mr. Brien Sheahan



Dr. Regis Matzie

Dr. Matthew Bunn

Dr. Thomas Cochran

Ms. Susan Eisenhower

Mr. Marvin Fertel

Mr. Donald Hintz

Dr. Sue Ion

Hon. William Martin

Dr. Richard Meserve

Dr. Lee Peddicord

Dr. Burton Richter

Dr. Allen Sessoms

Dr. Thomas E. Shea


Dr. Alfred P. Sattelberger

Dr. Carol J. Burns

Dr. Michael Corradini

Dr. Raymond Juzaitis

Mr. Christopher Kouts

Dr. Ronald Omberg

Dr. Joy Rempe

Dr. John Stevens

Dr. Dominique Warin