Kids in a classroom wearing safety goggles and examining materials.

Are you looking for a challenge? Searching for ways to inspire young minds and spark the interest of future scientists and engineers?

Introduce students to nuclear power­—one of the cleanest and most reliable energy sources in America!

It generates 19% of the electricity in the United States and produces clean, carbon-free electricity around the clock, in all weather conditions.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is always looking for opportunities to support educators.

From interactive games to excellent lesson plans, here are three engaging STEM resources that will power up inquisitive minds with nuclear energy facts.

1. Lessons and activities

DOE recently partnered with the American Nuclear Society and Discovery Education to develop high school and elementary curriculum.

Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our World™ with FREE K-12 resources to support educators who want to incorporate nuclear into their lesson plans. All activities and lesson plans are Next Generation Science Standard-aligned.

Graphic of a chalkboard with a nuclear symbol on it, and a table in front of it with a stack of books and an apple.

Resources, including free online nuclear energy curricula for both middle and high school, are available now for all educators. Elementary resources are under development and will be rolled out over the next two years, so stay tuned! 

The DOE-sponsored standards-aligned curriculum allows students to virtually explore a national laboratory and gain insight into careers that are available in nuclear energy. 

Online resources include:

  • Digital lesson plans
  • STEM project starters
  • Virtual field trips
  • Career profiles

2. Multimedia resources

The Office of Nuclear Energy has a host of multimedia resources to help you better understand nuclear and its applications in the real world. These include:

  • Blog posts – Quick and easy reads that offer everything from Nuclear Energy Basics to advanced nuclear concepts. They’re a great way to keep up with the latest technologies hitting the nuclear field.
  • Infographics – Download or print our latest infographics that break down a variety of nuclear technologies, processes, and systems. This collection offers excellent visual aids for activities and other classroom applications.
  • Videos – From animations to a behind-the-scenes look at our national labs, this resource provides students with a unique look at different job careers and nuclear technologies.
  • Advanced reactor matching game – Learn while you play. Our online matching game tests memorization skills as you build your nuclear knowledge. Every correct match gives important information about future nuclear reactor technologies.
  • Ultimate Fast Facts Guide to Nuclear Energy – This easy-to-read e-book is a great resource for educators looking for a quick overview on fundamental and advanced nuclear concepts. There’s also a free print version that students can take home with them.

3. Careers in nuclear

Inspiring future generations of leaders, scientists, and engineers is what we’re all about at DOE. Our Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP) supports students’ passion for nuclear by funding nuclear energy research and infrastructure projects at colleges and universities across the nation.

For a full scope of opportunities in the thriving field of nuclear, view our current jobs and internship openings.

You can also check out our #SeeYourselfInNuclear video series on our People @ Energy playlist or learn about 10 Nuclear Jobs Starting at $60K or Higher.

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