NE-General Engineer-Job opportunity

The U.S. Department of Energy is looking for engineers to join the Office of Nuclear Energy. The mission of the Office of Nuclear Energy is to advance nuclear energy science and technology to meet U.S. energy, environmental, and economic needs. NE works to address challenges in the nuclear energy sector, help realize the potential of advanced technology, and leverage the unique role of the government in spurring innovation. With strategic investments in advanced nuclear technology and R&D capabilities to support the existing fleet and advanced reactors, NE is enabling a thriving U.S. nuclear energy sector, increasing access to clean energy, and working hard to tackle climate change.

Positions exist, at all grade levels, in the areas of sustaining existing light water reactors, fuel cycle including accident tolerant fuels and high assay low enriched uranium, advanced reactor research, development and deployment and interim storage. Positions are located in Idaho Falls, Idaho and the U.S. Capital region (Maryland and Washington, D.C.). As we emerge from the COVID-19 restrictions, extended telework and working from remote locations are definite possibilities.

If you are interested in talking about these opportunities with one of our hiring managers please visit:

You must be a U.S. citizen or national.

More information about the Office of Nuclear Energy please visit: /ne/office-nuclear-energy.