DOE Self Service Supply Store at Headquarters
Operated by: Base Supply Center and the Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind.

During the current COVID phase of operations the Supply Store is only open Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. until noon.

The store provides an Office Supply Product inventory that is tailored to meet the DOE customer's requirements. Office Supply items that are not carried in the store inventory can be special ordered, see the Catalog Order Form section below.

The store is operated for the Department of Energy, Office of Administration, Office of Logistics and Facility Operations, for the Supply Business Line of the DOE Working Capital Fund.

Return Policy: Base Supply Center will accept returns or exchanges of serviceable items in their original containers within thirty (30) days of purchase. These items must have been purchased at the DOE Stores and must be returned with a DOE sales receipt.

DOE Self-Service Supply Store Hours of Operation:
During the current COVID phase of operations the Supply Store is only open Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. until noon.

Forrestal Room GA-171
Phone: (202) 586-1451 and 1452
Fax: (202) 554-7074

Important Information Regarding the Use of Headquarters Self-Service Supply Stores

The Self Service Supply Store established at Forrestal provides easy access to essential office supplies. The store eliminates the need for employees to travel to outside stores to purchase office supplies, and the Base Supply Center catalog facilitates the need for ordering special items not readily in stock.

All items purchased in the supply store or special items ordered through the Base Supply Center catalog must be items necessary to conduct official government business only. Employees are reminded that theft or conversion for personal use, of government furnished or purchased equipment or supplies, violates Federal Law (18 U.S.C. 641). Violations may result in criminal prosecution and disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

DOE organizations are billed for the cost of supplies purchased by their employees. The Office of Administration sends a detailed report to each organization’s resource manager for review and certification. This report includes the badge number of the employee making the purchase, the items purchased, transaction date, quantity, and cost. Cognizant managers are reminded to certify that all purchases are for official use only. After certification, the report must be returned to the Office of Administration for validation. Reports are subject to audit by the Office of Administration.

However, not everything is available through the supply store.  For instance, desk computers, laptops, cell phones, television, audio visual, cameras, medical equipment, network printers, and all furniture must all be ordered through property management in the DOE building(s).  Shredders that cost more than $300 must be obtained through property management.  If what you are looking for is not in the store, it can be ordered through the supply store, please see the store manager for assistance.  Special orders placed are usually received inside the store within 24-48 hours.  All special orders placed with the supply store require the signatures of their office director and budget office before the order can be placed.

Catalog Order Form for Non-Stocked or Specialty Items

For any non-stocked or special item that needs to be ordered, the Special Orders Form (pdf) needs to be filled in. All supplies ordered MUST be used for Official Government Business. Click here to access the Special Orders Form (pdf), a fillable Acrobat file. All catalog orders are subject to full payment or a restocking fee if items ordered are returned to the supplier due to the customer not picking up the item(s) within five days of receipt by the store personnel or the customer deciding to return the item(s).

Request Supply Store Purchasing Authority for a Non-Federal Employee

In order for non-federal headquarters personnel to gain access to make purchases of supplies from the headquarters supply stores, the Non-Federal Access Request Form (pdf) must be completed and provided to the Supply Store manager. An organization granting a non-federal headquarters employee access to make purchases in the supply store understands that their organization will be billed for the supply items through the Working Capital Fund (WCF). Examples of employees needing to complete this form to gain store purchasing authority include: contractor employees, military on assignment, detailee from another agency, and interns. Click here to open or download the Non-Federal Access Request Form (pdf).

Reuse and Recycling Opportunities in the Self-Service Supply Store

Do you have excess office supplies that take up valuable space in your work area?  Do you ever purchase the smallest available pack of office supplies but find it contains more items than you need?  Do you toss your gently used, no longer needed office supplies in the trash bin?   Well, don’t let those supplies go to waste!  On your next visit to the supply store, put your gently used and no-longer needed supplies on the “Freebie” table and give others in the Department the opportunity to re-use them.

For those who make purchases in the supply store, make it a habit to browse the “Freebie” table prior to making a new purchase.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find the item you’re looking for is available at no cost to your organization.   The benefits are two-fold: one, there is a clear environmental advantage to re-using these supplies instead of throwing them away; and two, instead of storing unused items indefinitely, every item reclaimed from the “Freebie” table is one less item that DOE purchases as a new product; thus, saving the Department money.

Office of Administration, Office of Logistics and Facility Operations Oversight

Supply Store staff manage and operate the store.  If you have other questions or concerns regarding the supply store please contact the Office of Administration staff:  Mr. Terry Butler at 202-586-2001, or Ms. Lisa Peteet at 202-287-5496.

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