Office of Industrial Hygiene and Safety
Information for Department of Energy Headquarters Personnel

Our mission is to promote and coordinate safety and health for DOE Headquarters property (facilities) in addition to oversight of building operations, lease/project/space management, and support services for DOE Headquarters buildings.  The Office of Industrial Hygiene and Safety provides information, guidelines, documentation, training, and materials pertaining to many aspects of safety and health within the Headquarters buildings.  The Office of Industrial Hygiene and Safety (MA-433) has created Headquarters safety and health policies and procedures for Headquarters employees and contractors.  These programs help DOE Headquarters meet our responsibilities established by the Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and DOE’s Directive on Worker Safety and Health Protection Program for DOE Federal Workers (DOE O 440.1B, dated 5-17-07) and DOE’s Guide to Worker Safety and Health Program for DOE Federal and Contractor Employees (DOE G 440.1B, dated 10-20-11).

Our vision is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for personnel at Headquarters. We value safety, accountability, and communication.  We are an organization that promotes a culture of safety and health within the Department and within each Departmental organization.

DOE Employees can obtain more information on the Office of Industrial Hygiene and Safety page on DOE’s Powerpedia (accessible only on a DOE network):

Contractors working at DOE Headquarters Facilities may be required to submit a Contactor Safety Plan and/or a Work Control Permit prior to beginning a project.  This documentation must be approved by the Office of Industrial Hygiene and Safety.  For more information regarding Contractor Safety Plan requirements, or to obtain the Work Control Permit form, please call the Office of Industrial Hygiene and Safety at (202) 586-1005.

Please direct all other questions concerning the Headquarters Safety and Health Program to the Office of Industrial Hygiene and Safety at (202) 586-1005 or via e-mail to

Occupant Emergency Plans - web page with information, booklets and diagrams for each Headquarters building.  All of these documents are only available to computers attached to a DOE Network.  Some documents are only for use by DOE Headquarters employees.

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