Photographic services include the Photography Office and the Energy Technology Visuals Collection (ETVC) Visuals Library.

Forrestal: Room GE-140
Phone: (202) 586-1350

The Photography Office is a fully digital in-house lab that serves all of the Department of Energy's Facilities.

Requesting a photographer for an assignment:

  • The department photographers cover photographic assignments within DOE buildings and other locations. All requests for services must be accompanied with a written request.
  • After the assignment the photographers are responsible for processing the digital image. Requesters have the option of editing the image, but the photographers normally edit and prepare print orders accordingly.
  • When images are completed the original requester is notified and the digital images are sent to the Visuals Library to be filed. All files are the property of the Department of Energy. Additional prints are available upon request.
  • Print size can range from 8" x 10" to 40" x 60". The larger size is for display boards.

Requesting a Passport/Visa or Portrait
To better serve you, please call in advance to schedule passport/visa photos and portraits.

  • Passport/Visa photos can be obtained by visiting:
    • Forrestal - Photography Lab located in room GE-140, (202) 586-1350.
    • Germantown - Conferencing Office located in room E-055, (301) 903-4352.  Germantown office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary but call to ensure a staff person is available.
  • Portrait photos are only available in Forrestal, room GE-140, (202) 586-1350
    • Men should schedule their portraits as early in the morning as possible, the lens used for the pictures shows the face in sharp detail.
    • Portrait background flags are optional for all Assistant Secretaries.

Form for Requesting Services

If you have need of our services and you are located at either of the Forrestal Building or Germantown complexes, submit a completed Request for Print, Mail and Visual Media Services HQ F 1420.7. Please follow the instructions provided, print and sign the form, then e-mail the document to or deliver it to Photography in GE-140.  This is an Acrobat file that is both fillable and can be saved with the Acrobat Reader.  The form MUST be signed by a Federal employee of DOE before the project can be started. The signature is our authorization to spend budgeted funds necessary to satisfy your requirement. Additionally, it is the requestor’s certification that the work requested is necessary to conduct official DOE business and that the requestor is a Federal (not a contractor) employee of DOE.

When submitting a photography request electronically you also need to call the Photography office at (202) 586-1350 to confirm the scheduling availability of the photographer, and then come to Forrestal GE-140 to sign the job request.

Visuals Library
Energy Technology Visuals Collection (ETVC)

Forrestal Room GE-140
Phone (202) 586-9796
Hours of operation: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Energy Technology Visuals Collection (ETVC) serves as DOE's central repository of visuals representing the Department's many research and technology programs.

The ETVC is a web-based library of thousands of photographs and other images representing all areas in Energy both current and historical.  Our images are digitized and are accessible at the DOE Flickr site. Each image is accompanied by a caption and background information. 

Browse through the site to see high quality photographs depicting such programs as Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Fossil Energy, Nonproliferation and National Security, Nuclear Energy, Science, Health, and Environmental Management.

With 32,000 pictures, the ETVC is an excellent resource for DOE program personnel preparing publications, presentations, and briefings.  We also serve DOE contractors, other Federal agencies, state and local agencies, universities, the media and the public.

In addition, we maintain the files of photographs taken by the DOE photography department.

There are also several electronic photo libraries maintained by some of our National Laboratories. You may visit them directly, and if you need any assistance or would like to obtain printed or electronic versions of the photographs, the ETVC staff will gladly assist you.