DATE: December 13, 2022

SUBJECT: FAPIIS Transition to Complete

TO: HCAs/Procurement Directors/Contracting Officers
FROM: Director, Contract and Financial Assistance Policy Division, Office of Policy, Office of Acquisition Management

SUMMARY: ( information is now in the same place where entity information is stored within is a single access point for information about entity management, exclusions, and responsibility and qualification (R/Q) information. There are a few changes, but a lot is staying the same.

Agencies will continue to submit responsibility and qualification data through the FAPIIS Module in CPARS. The FAPIIS information (R/Q information) that will display in an Entity record in will be the same as what was available via the FAPIIS public search and will not include any CPARS data.

A few of the expected changes for users searching for FAPIIS data:

  • The FAPIIS data is named in as responsibility/qualification, or R/Q for short, and is part of the entity information domain in
  • The look and feel of the records have changed but the core data and core functions have not changed.
  • Users are required to sign in to using to search and view R/Q data as part of entity information.
    • Some entity information will not be publicly available and will only be visible to users with a role with the entity or to federal users with the appropriate roles and permissions.
    • If assistance is needed to access entity information that is not publicly available, please contact
  • Users seeking customer support will go to to create an incident, initiate a chat, speak to an FSD agent, or use the search to locate more information on R/Q.
  • Users can download two static reports in the Databank that provides the entity’s basic information as well as either the entity’s responsibility and integrity records or their proceedings records.
  • Entity search results will show both entity records and R/Q records, with tags to label them.
  • R/Q data and proceedings data is available via an updated Entity Management API at R/Q data and proceedings can be found in Version 3 of this API.

The following is provided to assist users:

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