DOE Headquarters (HQ)

FOIA Requester Service Center
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20585

Phone: 202-586-5955
Fax: 202-586-0575
FOIA Web Page: http: //

Ingrid A. Kolb
Chief FOIA Officer

Alexander C. Morris
FOIA Public Liaison
Phone: 202-586-5955

Alexander C. Morris
FOIA Officer
Phone: 202-586-3159

Janet Fishman
FOIA Appeals Officer
Phone: 202-287-1400
Appeals Contact Web Page: http: //

Chicago Office (CH)

9800 South Cass Avenue, Argonne, IL 60439
FOIA Requester Service Center: 630-252-2041
FOIA Public Liaison: Brian Quirke, 630-252-2423
FOIA Officer: Miriam Bartos, 630-252-2041
FOIA Web Page:

Idaho Operations Office (ID)

1955 Fremont Avenue, MS 1203, Idaho Falls, ID 83401
FOIA Requester Service Center: 208-526-5190
FOIA Public Liaison: 208-526-5190
FOIA Officer: Amy T, Smith, 208-526-5190
FOIA Web Page:

Oak Ridge Office (ORO)

P.O. Box 2001, Oak Ridge, TN 37831
FOIA Requester Service Center: 865-576-2129
FOIA Public Liaison: DiAnn Fields, 865-576-0885
FOIA Officer: Linda Chapman, 865-576-2129
FOIA Web Page:

Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

1 Way, Oak Ridge or P.O. Box 62, Oak Ridge, TN 37830
FOIA Public Liaison: Jeffrey Given, 865-576-1146
FOIA Officer: Erin Anderson, 865-241-5686
FOIA Web Page:

Richland Operations Office (RL)
P.O. Box 550, Mail Stop A7-75, Richland, WA 99352
FOIA Requester Service Center: 509-376-6288
FOIA Public Liaison: Richard Buel, 509 376-3375
FOIA Officer: Dorothy Riehle, 509-376-6288
FOIA Web Page:

Savannah River Operations Office (SRO)

P.O. Box A, Aiken, SC 29801
FOIA Requester Service Center: 803-952-8134
FOIA Public Liaison: Lucy Knowles, 803-952-7618
FOIA Officer: Jennifer Farmer, 803-952-7813
FOIA Web Page:

NNSA Albuquerque Complex (NA-GC-20)

P.O. Box 5400, Albuquerque, NM 87185-5400
FOIA Requester Service Line: 866-747-5994
FOIA Public Liaison: Christina Hamblen, 866 747-5994
FOIA Officer: Christina Hamblen, 866-747-5994
FOIA Web Page: https: //

NNSA Office of Naval Reactors

P.O. Box 109, West Mifflin, PA 15122-0109
FOIA Requester Service Line: 202-781-6172
FOIA Public Liaison: Jeffrey Avery, 202-781-6236
FOIA Officer: Clifford Nunn, 412-476-7202
No FOIA Web Page

1240 Isaac Hull Avenue, SE Stop 8037, Washington Navy Yard, DC 20376-8037
FOIA Requester Service Center: 202-781-6172
FOIA Public Liaison: Jeffrey Avery, 202-781-6236
FOIA Officer: Thomas Dougan, 202-781-6172
No FOIA Web Page

Carlsbad Field Office (WIPP)

4021 National Parks Highway, P.O. Box 3090, Carlsbad, NM 88221
FOIA Requester Service Center: 575-234-7406
FOIA Public Liaison: Myles Hall, 575-234-7010
FOIA Officer: Myles Hall, 575-234-7010
FOIA Web Page:

Golden Field Office (GO)

15013 Denver West Parkway, Mail Stop RSF DOE, Golden, CO 80401
FOIA Requester Service Center: 720-356-1427
FOIA Public Liaison: Derek Passarelli, 720-356-1742
FOIA Officer: Daniel Dial, 240-562-1468
FOIA Web Page:

Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center (EMCBC)

550 Main Street, Room 7-010, Cincinnati, OH 45202
FOIA Requester Service Center:
FOIA Public Liaison: David Frost, 513-256-0579
FOIA Officer: Scott Lucarelli, 513-246-0497
FOIA Web Page:

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)

P.O. Box 3621, CGI-7, Portland, OR 97208-3621
FOIA Requester Service Center:
FOIA Public Liaison: James King, 503-230-7621
FOIA Officer: Candice Palen, 503-230-3602
FOIA Web Page: Freedom of Information Act - Bonneville Power Administration (

Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA)

1166 Athens Tech Road, Elberton, GA 30635-6711 
FOIA Requester Service Center: 706-213-3810
FOIA Public Liaison: Leon Jourolmon, 706-213-3807
FOIA Officer: Leon Jourolmon, 706-213-3807
FOIA Web Page:

Southwestern Power Administration (SWPA)

One West Third, S1200, Tulsa, OK 74103 
FOIA Requester Service Center: 918-595-6605
FOIA Public Liaison: Larry Yadon, 918-595-6607
FOIA Officer: Rosa Gonzalez-Smith, 918-595-6605
FOIA Web Page:

Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)

12155 West Alameda Parkway, P.O. Box 281213, Lakewood, CO 80228-8213
FOIA Requester Service Center: 720-962-7014
FOIA Public Liaison: John D. Bremer, 720-962-7010
FOIA Officer: John Kral, 720-962-7025
FOIA Web Page:

Pacific Northwest Site Office 

P.O. Box 2001, Oak Ridge, TN 37380

FOIA Requester Service Center: 865-576-2129
FOIA Public Liaison: DiAnn Fields, 865-576-0885
FOIA Officer: Linda Chapman, 865-576-2129
FOIA Web Page:

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project (SPR)

900 Commerce Road East, MS FE-445, New Orleans, LA 70123
FOIA Requester Service Center: 504-734-4316
FOIA Public Liaison: Kristin Frischhertz, 504-734-4316
FOIA Officer: Kristin Frischhertz, 504-734-4316
FOIA Web Page:

National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

P.O. Box 10940, M/S 922/M210, Pittsburgh, PA 15236-0940 
FOIA Requester Service Center: 412-386-6167
FOIA Public Liaison: Ann Guy, 412-386-6167
FOIA Officer: Ann Guy, 412-386-6167
FOIA Web Page:


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