DOE Buy America Requirement Waiver Requests

All proposed Buy America Requirement waiver requests are subject to review by DOE and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) prior to being made available for public comment and approved. DOE has made the determination that all the proposed Buy America Requirement waiver requests listed below meet the legal and policy requirements of Buy America, Build America.  The waiver requests status will be "In Review" while it is open for public comment and DOE reviews comments. The status will change to either, Approved, Denied, or Withdrawn after DOE makes its final determination.  Please refer to the Waiver Status column of the table below.

All proposed waiver requests that meet the legal and policy requirements of BABA are made available for public comment for a period of no less than 15-calendar days. Public comments must be submitted and received prior to the public comment closing date to be reviewed and considered by DOE. The public comment period begins on the date in the table under Comment Start Date and ends on the date listed under Comment End Date. Comments must be sent by email to the email address provided in the waiver request prior to the comment period closing date. The email subject line must reference the appropriate Waiver Number that the comments pertain to.

Once the public comment period has closed, DOE will consider the comments it received during the comment period in its evaluation of the waiver request and make a final decision in accordance with guidance from the OMB’s Made in America Office.  DOE may reject or grant waivers in whole or in part depending on its review, analysis, and/or feedback from OMB or the public. DOEs final determination regarding approval or denial of the waiver request may not be appealed.  Waiver requests may take up to 90 calendar days to process. 

See DOE’s Build America, Buy America page to learn more.

Waiver Status