Copier Services

The Copier Management Team is here to make sure your copier needs are met.  Our products and services include:

  • Acquisition of New and Replacement Copiers
  • Copier Maintenance/Repairs
  • Copier Relocation 
  • Monthly Working Capital Fund Billing Reports
  • Copier supplies (Pickup Copier Supplies in FOR Room GE-140 & GTN  Room R-003)
  • Help Desk for AutoStore

Other services include needs assessment analysis to determine workload and most appropriate equipment to:

  • Perform acquisition activities on behalf of program customers.
  • Negotiation of equipment trade-in allowance where applicable.
  • Arrange for delivery and installation of newly purchased equipment.
  • Coordinate training for key operators and users on newly acquired equipment.
  • Establish annual maintenance agreements with vendors (including negotiation of most cost-effective terms and conditions).
  • Perform equipment "surplus" functions, where appropriate-provide bulk delivery service for xerographic paper ("by-the-skid").

Based on Executive Order 13101 (available by clicking this link (pdf)), (formerly 12873), DOE is required to use recycled paper for photocopying. Currently, we stock 100% recycled content, 30% of which is post consumer waste content.

Copier Management Team Office Locations are at:
Forrestal Room GE-140, (202) 586-4318
Germantown Room R-003, (301) 903-3237
and can be contacted via e-mail at

COVID-19 Signage Printing

COVID-19 signage is available for printing at the Staffed Copy Center.  Signs can be printed on 100 lb cardstock, a durable, thick paper. Lamination is also available if needed. There is no charge for the first five (5) prints, additional prints will be $0.40 per page.

Please see the the Visual Media/Graphics page on the DOE Powerpedia for details on the signs that are available, including a catalog of the signs and files that can be downloaded and printed at your desk (you must be logged onto a DOE network to access the site).

Staffed Copy Centers

Photocopying services are provided by a team of skilled professional operators in centers located at:
Forrestal Room GE-140, (202) 586-9000
Germantown Room S-057, (301) 903-3060
and may be contacted by e-mailing:

Classified Reproduction up to Secret Level in B/W or Color is available at the Germantown Copy Center.

Services available at these centers: 

  • Black & white (BW) and color copying/printing.
  • Can accept electronic files or paper originals to print/copy from.
  • Print up to 11" x 17".
  • Print on 3-hole punch paper.
  • Print on tabs and insert them into your copy job.
  • Perfect Bound
  • Collate color covers into B&W documents, and bind them automatically.
  • Fold documents for 2-fold and tri-fold brochures.
  • Binding options: Tape binding, done automatically for B&W documents; Staples, done automatically; Vello (plastic cover and spine), self-service; Spiral, self-service.

To request Staffed Copy Center services fill in the Request for Print Media Services, form HQ F 1420.7.

Walk-Up Copiers

2 copiers - 1 at Forrestal and 1 at Germantown are located in the following areas:

Forrestal Room GE-140
Germantown Room E-214

It is recommended that these facilities be used for copying requirements up to 600 impressions (units) per document.  For larger requirements it is recommended that you use the staffed copy center.

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