DATE: October 11, 2018

SUBJECT: U.S. Policy Framework on Civil Nuclear Cooperation with China

TO: Distribution List
FROM: John R. Bashista, Senior Procurement Executive and Director, Office of Acquisition Management, DOE Keith Hamilton, Senior Procurement Executive and Deputy Associate Administrator for Acquisition and Project Management, NNSA

Distribution List:

Joseph A. McBrearty, HCA, SC, Patricia Schuneman, PD, CH-ISC

Jeff Burgan, PD, OR-ISC, Cindy Baebler, Site Manager, Ames

Joanna Livengood, Site Manager, Argonne, Paul Golan, Site Manager, Berkeley

Bob Gordon, Site Manager, Brookhaven, Pete Johnson, Site Manager, Princeton

Joe Arango, Site Manager, TJ, Mike Weis, Site Manager, Fermi

Paul Golan, Site Manager, SLAC, Johnny Moore, Site Manager, OR

Roger Snyder, Site Manager, Pacific Northwest


Richard Provencher, HCA and Site Manager, ID, Michael Adams, PD, ID


Derek G. Passarelli, HCA and Site Manager, GO, Sara Wilson, PD, GO


Angela Watmore, HCA, SR, Mike Budney, Site Manager, SR, Craig Armstrong, PD, SR


Brent Park, NNSA, NA-20, DC, Oliver Voss, HCA, NNSA M&O Contracts, DC

Kim Gallegos, HCA, NNSA non-M&O Contracts, NM, Peter Rodrik, Field Office Manager, LFO, CA

Jeffrey Harrell, Field Office Manager, SFO, NM, Steve Goodrum, Field Office Manager, LAFO, NM

Matthew Brott, HCA, Naval Reactors Field Office, PA, Homer Williamson, ACO, LLNL

Jennifer Jung, ACO,  LANL, Lindsey VanNess,  ACO, SNL.


SUMMARY:  The National Security Council recently completed a comprehensive review, conducted with the participation of the Department of Energy (DOE) and other relevant departments and agencies, of civil nuclear licensing policy relating to United States (U.S.) exports to China.  The attached two documents, the U.S. policy framework on Civil Nuclear Cooperation with China and its associated DOE press release, are being provided to DOE and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Heads of Contracting Activities and National Laboratory Procurement Directors who have cognizance over laboratory contracts and to Site or Field Office Managers of laboratory sites.  Heads of Contracting Activities and Procurement Directors should provide the two documents to their Laboratory Directors and contracts/business manager counterparts.

The policy establishes a clear framework for the disposition of DOE’s 10 CFR Part 810 authorization requests for transfers to China that are currently on hold because of military diversion and proliferation concerns.  The policy provides the licensing guidance for review of proposed exports of civil nuclear technology, equipment and components, and material.

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