Virtual power plants, generally considered a connected aggregation of distributed energy resource (DER) technologies, offer deeper integration of renewables and demand flexibility, which in turn offers more Americans cleaner and more affordable power.

Illustration of virtual power plants


Introducing VPPieces
May 12, 2022
In this biweekly series, DOE LPO Director Jigar Shah reflects on the challenges that come with achieving a zero-carbon electric grid and how the emerging concept of the Virtual Power Plant can turn those challenges into opportunities for all Americans
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VPPiece #2: Benefits to Affordability
June 9, 2022
LPO Director Jigar Shah explains the potential of VPPs to further energy affordability – from participation in demand flexibility programs to the more efficient use of grid infrastructure and the deployment of ever cheaper renewable resources.
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VPPiece #3: The Role of Photovoltaics and Li-ion Battery Storage
July 14, 2022
Jigar dives into the importance of aggregated PV and Li-ion battery technologies in virtual power plants, offering real-world examples of VPPs across the United States that incorporate solar, storage, and both.
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