The Loan Programs Office (LPO) employs rigorous risk mitigant and portfolio management processes. This page provides a comprehensive look at the tools LPO has employed in order to meet its mandate and responsibly steward taxpayer resources, as well as other resources about LPO’s application and evaluation processes.

Risk Management and Good Governance

Resources describing LPO’s risk management practices and instituted good governance measures. In the following blog posts, you can read about how LPO has evolved and improved, established a proactive risk management culture, and implemented key reforms from legislation and outside recommendations.

Application and Underwriting Process

Resources providing an overview of LPO’s application and underwriting processes, steps in the application process, and details on specific LPO programs.

Governing Documents

Resources providing background on LPO programs’ history, including authorization and appropriations, related program-specific guidance, and legacy program guidance.


Public Reporting

Resources providing regular updates on portfolio projects and metrics on a recurring basis, as well as reports provided to Congress on the LPO portfolio on a recurring basis.