FIMS is DOE’s corporate database for real property as required by DOE Order 430.1C, Real Property Asset Management. The system provides DOE with an accurate inventory and management tool that assists with planning and managing all current real property assets. The DOE Office of Acquisition and Project Management, the Office of Management and Budget, Congress, and other Federal entities use the real property data reported through FIMS.

All Office of Legacy Management (LM) real property assets (buildings, trailers, other structures, and land) are entered into FIMS at the time they are acquired. Annually LM is required to update maintenance cost, operating cost, replacement cost, and utilization details for each asset. LM maintains these real property asset records within FIMS throughout the lifecycle of the assets. Upon disposition, asset records are archived; thus, historical information on all real property assets is preserved.

A more detailed description of FIMS may be found on the FIMS homepage.


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