The exhibits at the Atomic Legacy Cabin tell the unique story of the hunt for uranium on the Colorado Plateau. Come learn something new about the element that shaped the Colorado Plateau’s past, present, and future!

The Atomic Legacy Cabin offers a variety of educational programs with history, geology, hydrology, ecology, chemistry, and engineering subject matter experts. These experts are available for classroom support as guest speakers or student resources. For more information, contact the Atomic Legacy Cabin at

Atomic Legacy Cabin Virtual Tour

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The Atomic Legacy Cabin in Grand Junction, Colorado played a vital role in domestic uranium procurement for the Manhattan Project. This virtual tour video takes visitors through the interpretive center’s exhibits and WWII history.
Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management

Nuclear Science Week 2021

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Radiation - Energy in Motion features a radiation expert to educate all about radiation, how we use it, and how we control it.
Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management

Temporary Exhibits

Atomic Pop Culture Exhibit

During a field experience, history students from Colorado Mesa University worked collaboratively with staff at the Atomic Legacy Cabin to create a temporary display about the significant age of Atomic Pop Culture following World War II.

Follow the link to learn more about the display.