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The team facilitates the reduction of water consumption intensity at LM sites, as deemed appropriate for LM operations and approved by LM, as defined in:

The team advocates natural resource sustainability by continually improving water use efficiencies.


LM and the contractor evaluate, make recommendations, and implement approved programs to maintain and operate its buildings and facilities in a manner that beneficially reduces water use, loss, and waste at LM sites. The team strives to reduce water use intensity annually. Water efficiency initiatives may include using conservation technology and devices, using improved design and process implementation, and encouraging behavioral change. The Water Conservation Team includes a system for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data, thus providing a consistent metric for measuring LM water consumption. Recommended conservation measures shall be life-cycle cost-effective.

Key Expectations

  • Establish a water use intensity baseline using available data for each applicable LM site.
  • Establish a system for collecting and managing ongoing water use data for each applicable LM site.
  • Assess water conservation performance and provide periodic reports.
  • Maintain/implement a plan that integrates water conservation into LM activities.
  • Promote water conservation awareness and training to LM and contractor employees.