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Percentage of Dollars for Green Products and Services


The team establishes a national approach to expand purchases of sustainable goods and services, including biobased products, as deemed appropriate for LM operations and approved by LM, as defined in:

The team advocates implementation of a sustainable procurement process.


The team has established a process to evaluate the procurement of goods and services for LM using the acquisition of environmentally preferable products and services, including the acquisition of biobased, environmentally preferable, energy-efficient, water-efficient, and recycled-content products, and use of paper of at least 30 percent post-consumer fiber content. This approach will apply when it is life-cycle cost-effective and when the relevant products, utility, and performance are not compromised.

Key Expectations

  • Maintain a system to monitor and evaluate sustainable acquisition progress.
  • Maintain/implement a plan that integrates sustainable acquisition into LM activities.
  • Provide employee awareness and training.
  • Propose sustainable acquisition goals/targets.
  • Develop metrics to measure and report sustainable acquisition performance.