In this Update: 
Director’s Corner 
LM Goals 
An Overview of LM’s Natural Resources Management Plan 
Observing the Secretive Inhabitants of LM Sites 
Regenerative Grazing Benefits LM Site from the Ground Up 
LM Battles Invasive Species on the River of Sorrows 
LM Partners with Bat Conservation International to Safeguard Bat Habitat 
Hiking, Biking, and Bats: Keeping Humans and Habitats Safe
Birders Flock to Two Midwestern LM Sites 
LM Highlights 3 Accomplished Scientists in Honor of Black History Month 
Superfund Turns 40 
LM Provides Colorado Mesa University Students with STEM Opportunities 
LM’s Aviation Program Monitors Sites and Reduces Risk 
DOE, FIU Welcome New Fellows into Program Shaping Cleanup Workforce 
LM Evaluates Site Characteristics to More Efficiently Manage Public Funds
Coming Full Circle: Sue Smiley’s 30 Years of Service to DOE 
LM Program Manager Art Kleinrath Celebrates a Long Career at DOE 
Annual Joint Meeting Strengthens LM and USACE Collaboration