Our #LabSpotlight series profiles standout individuals at the National Labs. From a theoretical physicist working to better understand one of the most elusive particles in the universe to a master optician hand-polishing precision optics used in high-powered lasers, the National Labs are home to some of the most exceptional people in their fields. These are their stories. 

#LabSpotlight Stories

What “Stranger Things” Didn’t Get Quite-So-Right About the Energy Department
August 5, 2016
We separate fact from fiction in the new Netflix series "Stranger Things."
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VIDEO: Getting Started on the Road to Clean Energy
May 5, 2016
A new program called Cyclotron Road connects clean energy entrepreneurs with the unique resources of our National Labs.
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8 Questions for a Scientist: Molecular Biologist Dr. Amanda Barry
August 13, 2015
We chatted with one of the Energy Department's leading molecular biologists, Dr. Amanda Barry, who is working to create biofuels from algae at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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