Audit Report: DOE-OIG-16-04

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November 17, 2015

The Energy Information Administration’s Information Technology Program

The Office of Inspector General received four allegations expressing concerns with various aspects of the Energy Information Administration (EIA) information technology (IT) program.  Specifically, the complainants alleged problems with management of IT funds, reporting inconsistencies of IT investments, and mismanagement of records.  In addition, the complainants alleged that EIA’s Transformation Project, a major system development effort designed to enhance efficiencies within the agency, produced no significant results or benefit and resulted in wasted funds and resources.  In response, we initiated this audit to determine whether EIA implemented and managed an effective IT program.

Our review largely substantiated the allegations related to IT and records management.  Based on these findings, we determined that EIA had not implemented a fully effective IT program.  In particular, we identified weaknesses related to IT project management, capital planning and investment control, cybersecurity, and records management.

The weaknesses identified occurred, in part, because EIA management had not ensured that applicable Federal and Department of Energy policies and procedures were always implemented.  Also, EIA had not fully implemented cybersecurity controls in accordance with Federal and Department of Energy requirements.  Furthermore, EIA had not implemented an effective governance structure over IT project management and cybersecurity activities.

Topic: Management and Administration