Auditor Responsibilities

The Office of Audits conducts performance and financial audits for DOE’s operations and programs, including those performed by contractors. 

As an OIG Auditor, you will audit segments of DOE operations and programs such as national laboratories, weapons production facilities, world-class university projects, energy technology centers, and DOE operations offices. The types of audits you will perform will be financial, technology and corporate audits; energy, science and environmental audits; or audits concerning the nuclear security of the Nation. OIG Auditors analyze records, reports, management controls, and policies and practices pertaining to DOE organizations, activities, contractors, and grantees. Auditors specializing in Information Technology review the operations and acquisitions of information systems and test the vulnerability of automated systems to unauthorized intrusions. 

Employment Opportunities

Entry level positions generally start at the GS-7 grade level, or GS-9 if you possess a graduate degree. Advancement to the GS-13 can generally be obtained within 3-4 years depending on performance. Promotions to team leader and supervisory positions (above the GS-13 level) are achieved on a competitive basis. For current Federal salary rates, visit:

Numerous training opportunities are available. OIG Auditors attend introductory audit training courses during their first year and complete 80 hours of continuing professional education every two years. The OIG provides financial support for Government training and preparatory courses towards professional licenses and certifications. 

Qualification Requirements

To qualify, applicants must have:

(1) a degree in accounting, or related field such as business administration that included 24 semester hours in accounting; or (2) at least 4 years of experience in accounting, or an equivalent combination of accounting experience, college-level education, and training that provided professional accounting knowledge. Your background must also include at least 24 semester hours in accounting or auditing courses, or a certificate as a Certified Public Accountant or a Certified Internal Auditor obtained through a written examination. 

In addition:

  • GS-7:  one full year of graduate level education, or superior undergraduate academic achievement (GPA of 3.0 or higher), or one year of specialized experience equivalent to a GS-5 in the Federal service.
  • GS-9:  a master’s or equivalent graduate degree or two full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to an LL.B. or J.D., or one year of specialized experience equivalent to a GS-7 in the Federal service.
  • To qualify for higher grade levels, applicants must have a progressively higher graduate or professional degree or additional years of relevant work experience.