G-7 Energy Ministers have convened each of the past four years with Ministerial meetings in Rome (May 2014), Hamburg (May 2015), Kitakyushu City (May 2016) and Rome (April 2017). The group’s work was designed with a strong focus on energy security in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2014 and potential disruption of Russian gas supplies to Europe. Secretary Perry participated in this high-level forum in April and engaged with G-7 partners to enhance collective energy security as part of an “all of the above” approach to energy. Current collaboration includes a focus on energy-related jobs and energy cybersecurity. The Office of International Affairs leads the G-7 Energy Working Group for the U.S. Government.

DOE Secretary Perry at the G-7 Energy Ministers Meeting in April 2017
U.S. DOE Secretary Rick Perry attending the G-7 Energy Ministers Meeting in April 2017