Through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the Grid Deployment Office (GDO) has approximately $3 billion in financing and facilitation tools to support the buildout of transmission lines across the country. GDO is administering the following IRA programs.

  • IRA Provision 50151 – Transmission Facility Financing provides $2 billion in direct loan authority for facility financing. This program is currently under development and more information will be available in the coming months.
  • IRA Provision 50152 - Grants to Facilitate the Siting of Interstate Electricity Transmission Lines [Transmission Siting and Economic Development (TSED) Grants] provides $760 million in grants to siting authorities to facilitate the siting and permitting of interstate and offshore electricity transmission lines and provide economic development grants to communities affected by interstate and offshore transmission lines.
  • IRA Provision 50153 - Interregional and Offshore Wind Electricity Transmission Planning, Modeling and Analysis provides $100 million in funding for offshore wind and interregional transmission analyses and convenings. The West Coast Offshore Wind Transmission Analysis Study is funded through this IRA investment as will the West Coast Offshore Wind Stakeholder Convenings expected to begin in Spring 2023.