On October 18, 2023, the U.S. Department of Energy announced up to $3.5 billion in Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships (GRIP) Program investments for 58 projects across 44 states to strengthen electric grid resilience and reliability across America.

Grid Resilience Utility and Industry Grants

Applicant/Selectee Project Federal Cost Share Recipient Cost Share
Consumers Energy Sectionalization and Circuit Improvements to Mitigate Outage Impacts for Disadvantaged Communities $100,000,000 $100,310,996
Electric Power Board of Chattanooga EPB Chattanooga Grid Resiliency Upgrades: Network Conversions & Microgrids


Entergy New Orleans, LLC (ENO) Line Hardening and Battery Microgrid in New Orleans, LA $54,828,178 $54,828,178
Fort Pierce Utilities Authority Mitigating Impacts of Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters Through Increased Grid Resiliency


Hawaiian Electric Company Inc. Climate Adaption Resilience Program


Holy Cross Energy Wildfire Assessment and Resilience for Networks (WARN) $99,328,430 $45,762,816
Jamestown Board of Public Utilities Jamestown Board of Public Utilities Microgrid $17,377,945 $5,792,648
Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Building a Modern, Intelligent Distributed BESS for Resiliency in Northern New Mexico $15,430,118 $7,715,580
Midwest Energy, Inc. Transmission Line Rebuild/Replacement for Wildlife Mitigation and Renewable Resource Access


Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative, Inc. Three-Part Wildfire Damage Mitigation Project $11,270,193 $3,756,731
PacifiCorp PacifiCorp’s Equity-aware Enhancement of Grid Resiliency $99,633,723 $106,105,519
PECO Energy Company (PECO) Creating a Resilient, Equitable, and Accessible Transformation in Energy for Greater Philadelphia (CREATE) $100,000,000 $156,761,176
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative SMECO ​​​​Transmission, Distribution, and Communications Resiliency Initiative $33,567,016 $15,642,000
Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc. d/b/a SECO Energy Improving Reliability Through Grid Hardening $52,857,560 $17,619,190
Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (TCE) Tri-County Power Meter Squared & Green Tree $4,665,803 $2,332,903
Xcel Energy Services, Inc. Wildfire Mitigation and Extreme Weather Resilience for Xcel Energy $100,000,000 $142,020,463


Smart Grid Grants

Applicant/Selectee Project Federal Cost Share Recipient Cost Share
Algonquin Power Fund America Inc. Enabling the Clean Energy Transition by Enhancing Grid Stability Using SmartValve Technology $42,905,918 $42,905,918
Allete Inc. Minnesota Power HVDC Terminal Expansion Capability $50,000,000 $54,116,574
American Electric Power Service Corporation AEP Advance Distribution Management System and Distributed Energy Resource Management System (ADMS & DERMS) Initiative $27,849,763 $27,849,763
Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Corporation Beyond AMI to True Grid Intelligence with Distribution Automation $18,304,363 $18,310,825
Burlington Electric Department Building Grid-Edge Integration and Aggregation Network of Thermal Storage (GIANTS) $1,158,695 $1,160,000
Central Maine Power Enhancing Utility Resilience in America’s Most Forested State $30,306,795 $30,306,795
City of Lake Worth System Hardening and Reliability Improvement Program (SHRIP) $23,462,167 $23,462,167
City of Naperville Distributed Energy Resource Management System Implementation & Integrations $1,116,174 $1,116,174
Commonwealth Edison Company Deployment of a Community-Oriented Interoperable Control Framework for Aggregating and Integrating Distributed Energy Resources and Other Grid-Edge Devices $50,000,000 $66,000,000
CPS Energy Community Energy Resiliency Program $30,227,710 $30,227,710
DTE Electric Company Deploying Adaptive Networked Microgrids to Improve Grid Flexibility and Reliability Project $22,941,046 $22,941,046
Duquesne Light Company Grid Visibility Program (GVP): Unlocking System-Wide Data to Build a More Resilient and Equitable Grid $19,724,715 $20,215,000
Electric Power Research Institute Inc. Optimizing Interregional Transfer Capacity Using Advanced Power Flow Control $18,017,358 $18,017,358
The Empire District Electric Company (d/b/a Liberty) Project DA: Distribution Automation Deployment in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma $47,491,810 $47,491,810
Florida Power & Light (FPL) Smart Grid Manhole and Vault Monitoring Project $30,363,088 $36,738,088
Generac Grid Services Accelerating Building Thermal Electrification While Managing System Impacts $49,835,370 $52,939,597
Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric), LLC Project Leapfrog $13,071,300 $13,071,300
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Expanding Distribution System Visibility and the Ability to Dispatch Distributed Energy Resources $48,000,000 $48,000,000
Missoula Electric Cooperative, Inc. Strategic Distribution System Modernization for Resilience and Wildfire Safety $2,749,071 $2,749,070
National Grid USA Service Company, Inc. The Future Grid Project $49,642,758 $89,371,000
Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) Adaptable Grid Project $50,000,000 $52,362,351
PacifiCorp Resiliency Enhancement for Fire mitigation and Operational Risk Management $49,951,103 $53,186,717
Pecan Street Inc. Seasonal Solar Congestion Management (SEASCOM) $7,989,987 $7,989,987
Portland General Electric Company Accelerating and Deploying Grid-Edge Computing $50,000,000 $58,402,842
PPL Electric Utilities Corporation The Grid of the Future $49,500,000 $49,500,000
Public Utility District 1 Of Snohomish County Snohomish County Public Utility District’s Secure Modern Automated and Reliable Technology Project (SnoSMART) $30,000,000 $30,000,000
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Enabling EV and DER Adoption through DERMS, AMI, and Fiber Integration $38,162,015 $38,162,015
Rhode Island Energy Smart Grid for Smart Decarbonization: Deploying Advanced Technology for Smart Grid Investments $50,000,000 $235,047,477
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Connected Clean PowerCity $50,000,000 $106,164,172
Surry-Yadkin Electric Membership Corporation (SYEMC) Grid Deployment to Support Rural-Focused Resiliency at a Small-Scale Electric Co-op $7,486,808 $7,700,738
Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association Cooperative Energy Ecosystem $26,798,344 $26,798,344
UMS Group Advanced Solutions for Wildfire Mitigation $38,480,244 $38,480,244
Union Electric Company (Ameren Missouri) Rural Modernization $47,130,781 $54,009,248
Virginia Electric and Power Co. (Dominion Energy Virginia) Analytics and Control for Driving Capital Efficiency Project $33,654,095 $33,654,095

Grid Innovation Program

Applicant/Selectee Project Federal Cost Share Recipient Cost Share
Alaska Energy Authority Railbelt Innovative Resiliency Project $206,500,000 $206,500,000
City of Kaukauna Kaukauna Utilities Grid Resilience Project $3,012,462 $3,012,462
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (CTWS) and Portland General Electric (PGE) Regional 500kV Transmission Innovative Partnership $250,000,000 $363,953,472
Georgia Environmental Finance Authority Regional Grid Improvements to Address Reliability in Georgia with a Focus on Remote or Hard-to-Reach Communities $249,129,382 $258,010,362
Hawai'i State Energy Office (HESO) and Hawai'i Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism Enabling High Penetration of Renewables with Synchronous Condenser Conversion Technology (SCCT) $1,675,000 $1,675,000
Hawai'i State Energy Office (HESO) and Hawai'i Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism Utility Solar Grid Forming Technology (USGFT) $16,250,000 $16,250,000
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources State of Louisiana: Louisiana Hubs for Energy Resilient Operations (HERO) Project $249,329,483 $249,329,483
Minnesota Department of Commerce Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue Transmission Study Process and Portfolio $464,000,000 $1,300,000,000