The Grid Innovation Program provides $5 billion for FY 22-26 to support projects that use innovative approaches to transmission, storage, and distribution infrastructure to enhance grid resilience and reliability. Projects selected under this program will include interregional transmission projects, investments that accelerate interconnection of clean energy generation, and utilization of distribution grid assets to provide backup power and reduce transmission requirements. Innovative approaches can range from use of advanced technologies to innovative partnerships to the deployment of projects identified by innovative planning processes. 

Eligible entities include: 

  • States (individual or combined) 
  • Tribes and Territories  
  • Local governments  
  • Public utility commissions  

On November 18, 2022, GDO released a Funding Opportunity Announcement for the GRIP programs, including the Grid Innovation Program. Concept papers are a required first step in the application process and are due January 13, 2023. A public webinar will be held on November 29, 2022, to provide additional information. Registration is required.

DOE encourages eligible entities to collaborate with electric sector owners and operators to deploy projects. 

This program is part of the Grid Resilience Innovation Partnership Program (GRIP).

Visit the Grid and Transmission Program Conductor for additional information to help identify which financing program is most appropriate for individual projects.