The Office of the Associate General Counsel for Contractor Human Resources provides legal support to DOE headquarters and field personnel regarding matters arising under DOE contracts pertaining to labor standards laws, labor relations laws, workforce restructuring, compensation, employee pension and other benefit plans, and other related issues as necessary.  The office reviews Congressional inquiries and proposed legislation related to the above subject matter areas, and proposed rulemakings to revise the Federal Acquisition Regulation and rulemakings initiated by DOE to revise the Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation.

Associate General Counsel for Contractor Human Resources (GC-63)


DOE Order 350.3
350.3 Templates: 
(1) A Listing of Defense Nuclear Facilities
(2) General Workforce Restructuring Plan Template
(3) Announcement of Draft Workforce Restructuring
(4) Section 3161 Rehiring Preference for Eligible Separated Employees
(5) Self-Select Application
(6) Involuntary Separation Plan Template
(7)Separation Programs Releases and Waivers
(8) Adverse Impact Analysis Guidance
(8)(a) Adverse Impact Analysis chart- example completed
(8)(b) Adverse Impact Analysis chart- clean
(9) Involuntary Separation Program General Release and Waiver

 Labor Standards

DOE DBA Desk Guide
Davis Bacon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Semi-Annual Davis-Bacon Enforcement Report Form
Davis-Bacon Act Compliance Video
Labor Standards Training - Albuquerque Service Center 
GC-63 Labor Update, May 2017
Acquisition Guide, Chapter 22.403, Labor Standards for Construction and Services

Labor Relations

GC-63 Guide to the NLRB

Workforce Restructuring Guidance

Workforce Restructuring Guidance, signed by Secretary Chu (May 2011)


DOE Attorney Procurement Conference - Contractor Workforce Issues
Secretarial Memorandum regarding DOE’s BenVal System, dated June 21, 2016
Secretarial October 2015 ‘If you are in, you’re in’ pension policy statement

Labor and Pension Resources

Department of Labor Websites:
Davis-Bacon Act Assistance  
Wage Determinations  
Service Contract Act  
Office of the Solicitor

National Labor Relations Board:
NLRB Research
Cases and Decisions

Pension/Retirement related websites:
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation 
Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration 
Internal Revenue Service

Davis Bacon Act FAQs