The General Counsel’s enforcement office recently settled enforcement actions against AHT Cooling Systems, Inc. and Crane Merchandising Systems, Inc. 

AHT agreed to a settlement for $179,040 after manufacturing and distributing 1,032 units of noncompliant commercial refrigeration equipment, which were labeled under a variety of names such as RIO S 68, RIO S 68 F L, RIO S 68 L F, RIO S 68 F L R404A, and RIO S 68 L F R404A.  The noncompliant units operated, were marketed, and sold as commercial ice-cream freezers.  DOE found that the relevant models did not comply with the maximum permissible rate of energy consumption.

Documents related to the distribution of products that do not comply with the federal energy conservation standards are available here.

DOE assessed a civil penalty of $16,000 against Crane Merchandising Systems, Inc. for failure to certify that various basic models of refrigerated or canned beverage vending machines they were and are distributing meet the applicable energy conservation standard(s). As part of the settlement, Crane Merchandising Systems, Inc. must submit the required certification reports, which include a certification that the equipment has been tested in accordance with the DOE test procedure and that the equipment meets the applicable standard(s).

Documents related to certification violations are availabl here.