Download an overview of the PCNRC Training Certificate Series that includes training takeaways, topics, and who should take the trainings.

This guide assists users with the registration and enrollment process to participate in the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Performance Contracting National Resource Center (PCNRC) Training Certificate Series.

There are eight accredited, on-demand training modules within the series. Each can be taken individually and in any order to allow users to prioritize their preferred trainings. Users wishing to receive a certificate of completion must complete all eight modules, pass all eight post-module assessments, and pass a final comprehensive assessment.

The series is hosted in the Continuing Education section of the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) website. Follow the steps below to register for a WBDG account, enroll in the series, and complete the training module(s) of your choice. 

Detailed instructions for accomplishing these actions are provided under each step.

Step 1. Create a Free Account

Create a free WBDG account to register for trainings, bookmark pages, and subscribe to updates. Fill out the required details including your contact information and professional details, then click submit.

Account registration page for the Whole Building Design Guide website.

You will receive an email at the address provided with two links. The first link will have you create a password for your account. After setting your password, sign in by either clicking the second link from the email or by navigating back to the WBDG site. 

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Step 2. Enroll in the PCNRC Training Certificate Series

Navigate to the PCNRC Training Certificate Series landing page. On the right side of the webpage, click on the button with the text, "Enroll in Training Series," above the Federal Energy Management Program logo. 

PCNRC Training Series webpage with a circle around the "Enroll" button.

On the next page, read the series summary detailing the course format and the requirements to receive continuing education units for each module.

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Step 3. Take the Pre-Survey

You will need to complete the series pre-survey before taking a training. To begin, navigate to the top of the Series Summary webpage and click on the top right portion of the banner with the text, "Series Pre-Survey."

PCNRC Training Certificate Series Summary webpage with an orange elliptical around the "Series Pre-Survey" link.

Answer the seven questions related to your professional demographic information and experience and click submit. The survey questions are required by the accrediting bodies to certify this course and help determine the effectiveness of the training.

Questions from the PCNRC Training Certificate Series pre-survey.

Step 4. Enroll in the Module(s) of Your Choice

After submitting the pre-survey, you will see a banner appear at the top of the webpage confirming your enrollment in the series. You are now able to take the available trainings in any order. 

PCNRC Training Certificate Series Summary webpage with a banner stating you may now enroll in any available modules.

To navigate to a course, either proceed down the Series Summary webpage to the section titled, "Outline" and select one of the available modules. You can also return to the series landing page and click on the arrow associated with the desired module. 

PCNRC Training Certificate Series Summary webpage section titled, "Outline" with a large rectangle around it.

After selecting the module of your choice, you will be sent to a new webpage. On the new webpage, click the button with the text, "Enroll in Course."

PCNRC individual module webpage with an "Enroll in Course" button.

Step 5. Complete the Pre-Module Knowledge Check

Before beginning the module, you will need to complete the pre-module knowledge check. The knowledge check will follow immediately after clicking "Enroll in Course" or "Proceed to Course." 

Questions from the PCNRC module one knowledge check.

The knowledge check will assess your understanding of key concepts to be covered in the course material. Answer the questions to the best of your ability and click submit to continue to the training.

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Step 6. Review Knowledge Check and Continue to the Selected Training Series Module

After submitting the knowledge check, you will have an opportunity to review your answers. The following webpage will share which questions, if any, you may have answered incorrectly, and offer relevant resources to help you prepare for the course.

Missed questions will not count against your post-module assessment score. Review the module overview and additional resources.

A list of missed answers from the module's knowledge check.

Finally, proceed to the training by selecting the module navigation button at the top right of the webpage or by clicking on the module's title under "Instructions."

After the knowledge check, click on the module button at the top of the page to take the training.

You have arrived at the interactive training module. Take the course and pass the post-module assessment to receive continuing education units.

Training module video