ESPC is a performance-based, budget-neutral approach to make facility improvements that reduce energy and water use and increase operational efficiency. By partnering with an ESCO, a facility owner can use ESPC to pay for today's facility upgrades with tomorrow's energy savings—without tapping into capital budgets.

The Performance Contracting National Resource Center (PCNRC) is a hub for all of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) best practice resources and solutions for energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs). ESPCs are a key mechanism for facility owners to implement projects that provide energy and water cost savings without requiring upfront capital funding to pay for the project.

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ESPCs have a well-established track record of delivering energy and water cost savings to building owners. A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study estimated that tens of billions of dollars of market potential exists for the public and institutional sectors—a market that accounted for 84% of energy service company (ESCO) revenue in 2011. This 84% market share is comprised of the federal government (20%) and the municipal, university, school, and hospital (MUSH) market (64%) which includes state and local governments, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, and healthcare facilities.

DOE has targeted efforts to support the federal government and MUSH market with ESPCs through two program offices: Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and Office of State and Community Programs (SCEP), respectively. FEMP and SCEP established the PCNRC in order to expand the use of ESPC nationwide. This collaborative effort is focused on DOE working with key stakeholders to provide technical and financial expertise, conduct training and workforce development, and grow the extensive library of resources that DOE offers—including guides, tools, and templates. DOE is actively working on developing resources for the PCNRC and will update this website as resources become available.

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PCNRC Training Certificate Series

The PCNRC Training Certificate Series is an accredited, on-demand, interactive series that offers users valuable performance contracting resources and best practices. Each accredited, on-demand, and interactive training focuses on a particular component of the ESPC process and supports performance contracting and workforce development in the federal and MUSH markets. Those who complete all eight modules can receive a certificate demonstrating their proficiency.

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Training Takeaways

✓ ESPC Benefits

ESPCs can provide cost savings and enable facility efficiency, resilience, decarbonization, and electrification by converting energy waste to new infrastructure.

✓ ESPC Process

Understand the steps to scope, plan, implement, and verify the performance of an ESPC project to ensure timeliness and realization of savings.

✓ Best Practices

Discover lessons learned from past projects and how to achieve high performance projects.

✓ Technical Expertise

Become familiar with tools and resources, applicable statutes, and the roles and responsibilities of involved parties to ensure success of technically complex projects that can include efficiency, renewable energy generation, storage, microgrids, and more.


Each module walks users through a stage of an ESPC, from project planning and scoping to project implementation and the performance period.

  • Module 1: Overview of ESPCs
  • Module 2: Getting Started with an ESPC Project
  • Module 3: Developing Scope for Project and Request for Proposal
  • Module 4: Measurement & Verification for ESPCs
  • Module 5: Facilitating the Investment Grade Audit (IGA)
  • Module 6: Reviewing the IGA and Project Proposal
  • Module 7: Construction, Performance Verification, and Project Acceptance
  • Module 8: Performance Period.

Who Should Take This Training?

The PCNRC Training Certificate Series serves a broad array of public and private sector professionals:

  • Experienced energy analysts, engineers, owner's representatives, and other technical professionals can use the training certificate to demonstrate their ESPC proficiency.
  • Emerging professionals can use the series to cultivate ESPC knowledge to advance future careers.
  • Prospective customers can take the training to educate themselves on ESPC, even if planning to hire an owner's representative (OR).
  • State and local ESPC program administrators and workforce programs can integrate the series into training programs and resource guides.
  • Energy service companies (ESCOs) staff can learn about the role and value of the OR, and how they can be helpful to the objective of developing and executing a successful ESPC.

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