Federal agencies are required to purchase energy-efficient products. To help federal buyers and contractors meet these requirements, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) creates accredited training courses and videos detailing the energy-efficient product procurement process.

Take Five Videos

The following short-form trainings highlight various aspects of energy efficient product procurement.

Buying a Heat Pump

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Video courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy

This training focuses on air-source heat pumps and covers why efficient heat pumps are a good choice, how to select a model that meets federal energy efficiency requirements, and how to buy the right model for your needs.

Buying Energy-Efficient Lighting

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Video courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy

This training focuses on energy-efficient lighting, including what's mandatory and tips for selecting and buying LED lighting that meets your facility's needs. Download a one-page guide to buying energy-efficient lighting.

Full-Length Trainings

Federal buyers and contracting officers interested in developing expertise in sustainable product procurement can enroll in the Federal Energy Management Program's (FEMP) product efficiency and technology integration training courses.

Sustainable Acquisition and Materials Management Trainings

Federal buyers, contracting officers, and specifiers interested in improving their knowledge for all areas of sustainable acquisition and materials management are encouraged to review a list of trainings, website resources, and conferences that was assembled by FEMP’s Sustainable Acquisition and Materials Management Sub-Working Group. This Excel document covers everything from introductory-level overviews to the acquisition process, requirements, and tools to help you specify, select, and purchase compliant products.

    An accompanying training inventory groups these Sustainable Acquisition Training Resources by various acquisition topics. This is a great resource if you want help understanding how to select the best trainings to improve your knowledge of the acquisition process or product-specific information. All trainings listed in the Word document are described in detail in the Excel document

    Have Training Suggestions?

    Send questions and suggestions for product procurement training to the FEMP Assistance Request Portal and select either "Training" or "Energy-Efficient Products and Technologies" as the service area.