Section 432 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 432) requires federal agencies to identify "covered facilities" that constitute at least 75% of their total facility energy use as subject to the requirements of the statute. Each federal agency must designate an energy manager to be responsible for implementing the requirements at each covered facility.

Energy and water evaluations must be performed at each covered facility every four years to identify potential energy and water efficiency and conservation measures. EISA requires agencies to report progress toward these requirements using the Federal Energy Management Program’s (FEMP) EISA 432 Compliance Tracking System including:

  • Estimated costs and savings for projects implemented in covered facilities
  • Measured savings for implemented projects
  • Annual benchmarking information for metered buildings that are, or are part of, EISA-covered facilities.

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Report and Track Performance

The FEMP EISA 432 Compliance Tracking System allows agencies to report and track their performance of energy and water evaluations, project implementation and follow-up measures, and annual building benchmarking requirements.

The FEMP EISA 432 Compliance Tracking System accepts required reporting on:

  • Designation and location of facilities covered by EISA requirements
  • Assignment of energy managers
  • Energy and water evaluations completed at covered facilities
  • Implementation of energy and water efficiency measures, including estimated cost and savings
  • Follow-up status on implemented measures, including measured savings and persistence of savings
  • Building benchmarking information.


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The following guidance is available to help agencies meet the EISA 432 facility management and benchmarking requirements.