Guidance includes four attachments that were developed to assist agencies with their reporting requirements. Open the reporting guidance to access:

  • Attachment 1: Energy Management Report Summary Template
  • Attachment 2: Guidance for Receiving Credit on Energy Performance Goals for Projects that Save Source Energy but Increase Site-Delivered Energy
  • Attachment 3: Guidance to Receive Credit on Energy Performance Goal to Normalize for Weather in Benchmarked Building
  • Attachment 4: Guidance to Receive Credit on Energy Performance Goal for Energy Intensity Improvements in Goal-Excluded Buildings

The Data Report for Adjustments to Fiscal Years (FY) Prior to 2008 form allows agencies to correct or adjust their initial 2003 baseline or intervening year data, when necessary, using the formerly-used format and conversion factors for that period. It is only to be completed if an agency discovers an error in a previously reported annual data prior to FY 2008.