Other ESPC ESA Contract Vehicles

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) energy savings performance contract (ESPC) contract vehicle can be used to implement an ESPC energy sales agreement (ESA) for federal distributed energy projects, which are referred to as ESA energy conservation measures (ECMs). An ESA ECM can be bundled with other ECMs or stand alone as a single ECM.

The DOE IDIQ ESPC is a streamlined master contract that allows federal agencies to work with 21 DOE Qualified Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) holding the current DOE IDIQ ESPC contract. DOE IDIQ ESPCs can provide agencies with a path to significantly reduce energy and operating costs and make progress toward meeting federal energy and related goals.

Start an ESPC ESA

To start an ESPC ESA, an agency should review the ESPC ESA requirements and benefits, the ESPC ESA fact sheet, and the tools and templates below. For questions, more information, or assistance:

ESPC ESA IDIQ Tools and Templates

A number of general IDIQ tools and templates are available to streamline the ESPC procurement process and help agencies expedite project development and award. FEMP is developing ESA-specific IDIQ templates to assist in project development, which will be linked here when they are available.

ESPC ESA Toolkit

While the ESPC ESA Toolkit is specific to the site-specific/stand-alone contract vehicle, much information in the toolkit is useful for ESA ECMs implemented using the DOE IDIQ ESPC process. Contact FEMP for assistance with using ESPC ESA Toolkit information for an ESA ECM using the DOE IDIQ ESPC contract vehicle.

FEMP provides technical specifications resources on solar photovoltaicbattery storage, and wind systems that are complementary to the toolkit and include language that can be included in the TO RFP.