The Office of Fossil Energy's (FE) conducts systems analysis that is primarily focused on:

  • Environmental issues
  • Policy, regulatory, and financing
  • Economic analysis and validation
  • Data and tools that support analysis of advanced coal technologies 

To support these primary functions, FE activities include:

  • Environmental Analysis: FE evaluates environmental issues associated with coal and benefits of advanced coal technologies through the use of system studies, deep dive analysis of environmental retrofits, life cycle analysis, and engineering assessments of environmental control systems.
  • Market and Policy Analysis: FE evaluates the policy landscape and existing markets to aid in the deployment of advanced fossil technologies, helping assess the market potential and impacts of policy changes. 
  • Strategic Planning:  While adhering to the Department’s goals and objectives, FE is responsible for developing periodic strategic plans to guide FE's R&D activities. 
  • Strategic Engagement: FE coordinates with policy makers at the Federal and State level to ensure that the best technical information is considered for the development of advanced fossil technologies. 

A variety of analysis methodologies are used in combination to provide a robust understanding of the cost, performance, and barriers to the deployment of advanced fossil technologies. Through a system of coordinated efforts and thoughtfully engaging with stakeholders, realistic scenarios can be crafted using market and technology based information.  For more information on FE analysis click here.