Posting of Off-the-Record Communication
The documents linked below were sent to the Department of Energy (DOE) in reference to the Jordan Cove Energy Project, L.P., FE Dkt. No. 12-32-LNG proceeding. Each document is considered “off-the-record communication” under 10 CFR 590.102 and 590.108 because the person/entity who submitted them is an “interested person,” the communication was directed to a “decisional employee,” and the communication addressed the merits of the proceeding.

The comment period for this proceeding has closed. Therefore, neither this communication nor DOE’s inadvertent response will be considered as a part of the record. They are posted here in compliance with regulations. As provided in 10 CFR 590.108(a)(5), a request by a party wishing to rebut the off-the-record communication, on the record, may be submitted in writing. As specified in this regulation, such requests will be granted “only for good cause.”