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Revolutionary Turbine Technology for Hydropower Plants

A revolutionary new turbine technology for hydropower plants is one step closer to its first commercial deployment. At peak performance, an Alden turbine should convert about 94 percent of the water’s energy into usable electricity, comparable or superior to the efficiency of traditional turbines; the overall wildlife survival rate should be over 98 percent, up from 80-85 percent for a traditional turbine.

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Our Dusty Atmosphere

Aerosols -- tiny particles like soot and dust — in our atmosphere can make a difference in weather, as well as climatic warming and cooling.

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Bluer Skies and Brighter Days: The U.S. and India Collaborate in First Long-Term Climate Experiment

The Energy Department's mobile climate facility makes a stop in the Ganges Valley in India. Find out how studying the relation of aerosols to...

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Today's Forecast: Improved Wind Predictions

Accurate weather forecasts are critical for making energy sources -- including wind and solar -- dependable and predictable.

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