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What is the Energy 101 Initiative?

The Energy 101 initiative supports post-secondary energy education, including energy research and innovation, for world-leading technical workforce opportunities. 

What is the Energy 101 Framework?

The Energy 101 Framework is a course outline of a multidisciplinary approach to learning about energy. The creation of the framework uncovered a multitude of outstanding efforts in energy education across the Nation’s two- and four-year colleges and universities, and a goal of the initiative is to support this ecosystem and to coalesce a community around post-secondary energy education. 

The structure of the framework was the result of the mapping of the Energy Literacy Principles and Fundamental Concepts to "introduction to energy" curricula from universities and community colleges, and from the discourse among energy educators from across the country. The framework is:

  • Designed for a semester-long course structure
  • Consists of 5 units, 3 sections and 36 core concepts from the Energy Literacy Principles
  • A model framework to teach energy using an interdisciplinary perspective
  • An effort to capture the dynamic role that energy plays in our lives – including the scientific, technological, and societal aspects
  • Flexible to fit your university and college requirements
  • Aimed at increasing pathways for energy-related degrees and careers

The Department of Energy (DOE) led the development of a peer-reviewed course framework, in cooperation with the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities and the Oak Ridge Association of Universities with the Environmental and Energy Study Institute providing outreach, peer-review, and content development.

How has the Framework been used?

The Energy 101 framework has used in a number of different ways and settings. The University of Maryland created a pilot Energy Fundamentals course aligned to the framework in the spring of 2013, as well as an energy-based math course for veterans and active military. There are a number of other institutions in their course and content creation.

Learn more about the Energy 101 curriculum and find resources on the Environmental and Energy Study Institute website