The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is soliciting proposals from the National Laboratories and industry partners that pursue radical innovations for American battery manufacturing leadership. Manufacturing competitiveness is a priority for the Trump Administration, and under this opportunity, DOE will directly fund the National Laboratories to establish public-private partnerships that solve engineering challenges for advanced battery materials and devices, with a focus on de-risking, scaling, and accelerating adoption of new technologies.

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office and Vehicles Technologies Office will jointly invest up to $12 million in projects that address capability gaps for enhanced lithium-ion batteries, next-generation lithium-ion batteries, and next-generation lithium-based battery technologies through the following four areas:

  1. Materials processing and scale-up;
  2. Innovative / advanced electrode and cell production;
  3. Designer materials and electrodes; and,
  4. Formation.

Interested industry partners should reach out directly to the National Laboratory contacts listed below about opportunities to collaborate. Proposals are limited to submission by the National Laboratories. Full applications from the National Laboratories are due on July 17, 2020.

Individual projects awards will range from $500,000 to $3 million over 24 to 36 months. A 50/50 cost-share will be required between DOE and the private partner, which can include an in-kind contribution. Funds will be awarded directly to the National Laboratories to support work with companies under Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs).

This funding opportunity is a part of the Energy Storage Grand Challenge, a DOE-wide effort to create and sustain global leadership in energy storage utilization and exports, with a secure domestic manufacturing supply chain that does not depend on foreign sources of critical materials. Visit the Energy Storage Grand Challenge website to learn more.

National Laboratory Contacts and Capabilities

Ames National Laboratory
Capabilities:Electrode Manufacturing; Battery Cell Testing
Contact:Iver Anderson,
Argonne National Laboratory
Capabilities:Cell Manufacturing; Electrode Manufacturing; Electrode Materials Scale-up; Electrolyte Manufacturing / Scale-up; Failure Analysis Testing; Machine Learning; Materials Processing
Contact:James Miller,
Venkat Srinivasan,
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Capabilities:Electrode Manufacturing; Electrode Materials Scale-up
Contact:Xiao-Qing Yang,
Kansas City National Security Campus
Capabilities:Battery Cell Testing
Contact:Rocco Covello,
Idaho National Laboratory
Capabilities:Electrode Manufacturing; Failure Analysis Testing; Battery Abuse Testing; Machine Learning
Contact:Seth Snyder,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Capabilities:Advanced Formation; Electrode Manufacturing; Electrolyte Manufacturing / Scale-up; Materials Processing
Contact:Thomas Kirchstetter,
Vince Battaglia,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Capabilities:Electrolyte Manufacturing / Scale-up
Contact:Matthew McNenly,
Tony Van Buuren,
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Capabilities:Electrode Materials Scale-up; Electrode Manufacturing
Contact:Rodney Borup,
National Energy Technology Laboratory
Capabilities:Electrode Materials Scale-up; Electrode Manufacturing
Contact:Bryan Morreale,
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Capabilities:Advanced Formation; Cell Manufacturing; Electrode Manufacturing; Electrolyte Manufacturing / Scale-up; Materials Processing; Battery Abuse Testing
Contact:John Farrell,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Capabilities:Cell Manufacturing; Electrode Manufacturing; Electrolyte Manufacturing / Scale-up; Battery Cell Testing
Contact:Claus Daniel,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Capabilities:Cell Manufacturing; Electrode Materials Scale-up
Contact:Johnathan Holladay,
Sandia National Laboratories
Capabilities:Electrode Manufacturing; Cell Manufacturing; Battery Abuse Testing
Contact:Christopher Moen,
Savannah River National Laboratory
Capabilities:Machine Learning
Contact:Charles James,
SLAC Accelerator Laboratory
Capabilities:Advanced Formation; Electrode Materials Scale-up; Materials Processing; Machine Learning
Contact:Steve Eglash,