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The Office of Environmental Management (EM) sponsors science and technology development to improve the efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of its cleanup efforts. These efforts include mission-directed basic scientific research, technology development and demonstration, and technology deployment. EM supports a wide range of applied research activities including scientific studies; technology evaluation; selection, maturation and scale-up activities; and technical issue resolution efforts to support the EM cleanup mission.

Laboratory Policy Office

The Laboratory Policy Office sponsors and coordinates the involvement of National Laboratories in support of the EM mission activities, in accordance with the EM National Laboratory Governance Framework for the Savannah River National Laboratory and the Network of National Laboratories for Environmental Management and Stewardship Charter. The Laboratory Policy Office leads oversight and management of the Savannah River National Laboratory in partnership the National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA) Office of Policy and with support from the EM and NNSA Savannah River Site field offices.

In addition to SRNL, other National Laboratories in the DOE complex also provide unique and complimentary expertise and capabilities to address many one-of-a-kind technical challenges of EM’s complex nuclear cleanup projects. EM has taken steps to link the capabilities of DOE National Laboratories supporting DOE EM’s cleanup mission by strengthening historic partnerships with our cleanup sites and relationships with individual labs to take advantage of the synergies of a larger Network of National Laboratories for Environmental Management and Stewardship (NNLEMS). 

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Technology Development Office

The EM Technology Development Office provides leadership and develops mission strategies, policy and guidance for technology development. The office supports the use of state-of-the-art technology to reduce costs, accelerate schedules, and mitigate vulnerabilities.

In addition to integrating best practices across the DOE complex, the office manages EM’s technology-based international, interagency, and academic interfaces to identify advancing technologies, solutions, materials and processes. The office fosters the transfer of commercially available technology and newly developed entrepreneurial technology to support cleanup.

The technology development efforts are supported directly by site cleanup projects through site office or contractor-directed activities and typically address near-term needs for site-specific remediation technology. Frequently, the site-directed studies target critical technical risks and emerging issues that require near-term resolution.

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Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL)

SRNL is a DOE EM-sponsored multi-program Federally Funded Research and Development Center in Aiken, SC. SRNL possesses core competencies in:

  • Environmental remediation and risk reduction;
  • Tritium processing, storage, and gas transfer systems;
  • Nuclear materials processing and disposition; and
  • Nuclear materials detection, characterization and assessment.

SRNL’s highly trained workforce puts science to work to create practical and cost-effective solutions for keeping our nation safe, cleaning up nuclear waste and advancing our nation’s energy and manufacturing objectives.

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